My Name, 名前

My father named me, Toru, after a famous Japanese composer, Toru Takemitsu (1930-1996) who composed November Steps which features Shakuhachi and Biwa with Orchestra. My father, Kokichi, is really interested in Jazz, and you might think that there is no connection between a classical composer and jazz, but Toru Takemitsu wrote about Jazz theory inContinue reading “My Name, 名前”

Happy Father’s Day, 父の日おめでとうございます。

Happy Father’s Day. I thought to talk about my father today for Father’s Day post. My father, Kokichi, loves Jazz. He loves to play Jazz, and think about music theory and anything about Jazz. Jazz is the reason why my family came to USA. He wanted to study Jazz at the world’s best Jazz School,Continue reading “Happy Father’s Day, 父の日おめでとうございます。”