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Upcoming Concerts

4/17@3pm Arizona Time, Live Streaming: YouTube link AZ Daily Star Article: Concert Tickets: 6/5/21@3pm Arizona Time. Tucson Repertory Orchestra presents, String Serenade II. Vivaldi: Summer, Violin soloists: Emily Chao, Laura Tagawa, Jose Leonardi Moore and Tchaikovsky: Serenade for Strings 10/30@7pm Klein Performing Arts Center, Sierra Vista, AZ. Beethoven: Piano Concerto No.5, “Emperor”,Continue reading “Upcoming Concerts”

ゼロ Zero

フィクションの本の面白さは歴史的な事実とうまく掛け合わせることによって面白さが倍増することがある。永遠のゼロ、百田尚樹著。日本の昔の現状、上の人達に従わなければならなかった人々、嘘の情報。感動もの小説。永遠の0 アマゾンリンク永遠の0 Blu-ray通常版 I just read this book, “The Eternal Zero” by Naoki Hyakuta. He used facts from the past and made the story line exciting. Japanese History, how people had to follow the orders from the higher ranks without their will, incorrect information. An emotional story. The Eternal ZeroThe Eternal Zero (Region A Blu-ray) (UncutContinue reading “ゼロ Zero”

18 Weeks, 18 週間

My wife, my son and I (Tagawa Trio) started to play a tune a week by the Beatles on YouTube. With today’s video, we now have 18 videos. Today’s video is With a little help from my friends. Two weeks ago, my teaching started, and my fellow teachers have been helping me a lot. IContinue reading “18 Weeks, 18 週間”

Jump Rope, 縄跳び

When I was in HS in Japan, as a part of requirement to pass the 11th grade, we were to pass the Jump Rope test. We have to pass on the following tasks (forward and backward): Double, Cris-Cross Double, Cross Double. It has been a while since I jump roped last, but I can stillContinue reading “Jump Rope, 縄跳び”


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