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18 Weeks, 18 週間

My wife, my son and I (Tagawa Trio) started to play a tune a week by the Beatles on YouTube. With today’s video, we now have 18 videos. Today’s video is With a little help from my friends. Two weeks ago, my teaching started, and my fellow teachers have been helping me a lot. IContinue reading “18 Weeks, 18 週間”

Jump Rope, 縄跳び

When I was in HS in Japan, as a part of requirement to pass the 11th grade, we were to pass the Jump Rope test. We have to pass on the following tasks (forward and backward): Double, Cris-Cross Double, Cross Double. It has been a while since I jump roped last, but I can stillContinue reading “Jump Rope, 縄跳び”

Concert, コンサート

Tucson Repertory Orchestra’s (TRO) first concert was in July 2012. I had a wonderful time conducting while standing on a ladder. I started climbing up the conducting ladder since then. Hope to we can start performing again.ツーソンレパートリーオーケストラの初コンサートは2012年の7月でした。はしごの上での指揮から始め、指揮者としての階段を上り始めたころです。演奏会ができる日がまちどおしいです。


School, 学校

Today was the first day back to school. Teachers only, but it has been 5 months since I have been in the Orchestra room. Nice to be back, and I am looking forward to seeing students via Zoom starting next week. 今日久しぶりに学校に戻りました。今週は先生のみですが、はや5ヶ月もオーケストラの部屋に来てないのだなとつくづく思いました。来週からオンラインで教え始めます。生徒たちにZoomで会えるのを楽しみにしています。


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