My name is Toru Tagawa, and I am the Artistic Director of the Sierra Vista Symphony Orchestra, Music Director of the Tucson Repertory Orchestra and Orchestra Director of the Canyon del Oro High School, and I am the President-Elect for the Arizona Chapter of American String Teachers Association. I am very much looking forward to conducting the Regional Festival in February, 2018.  For more about me, please go to

In this page, you will find String Bowed Parts, Youtube Links, imslp link for Verdi/Tchaikovsky (For Woodwinds/Brass/Harp), and transposed parts for Verdi (Clarinet, Horn, Trumpet, Trombone and Tuba), and Trumpet for Tchaikovsky.  When you go to the imslp link, please click the Parts on the first page, and it will lead you to the parts, and click on your instrument.  Gould parts (For Winds/Brass/Percussion/Harp) will be giving to you from the Orchestra Chair after the audition.

February 16, and 17, 2018

McClintock High School, Southwest Region

Concert Order: Verdi, Gould, Tchaikovsky

Verdi: La Forza del destino Overture, 2(pic),222/4231 tmp+1, 2hp, strings, 9 min.

String Bowed Parts: LaForzaViolinI   LaForzaViolinII   LaForzaViola   LaForzaCello   LaForzaBass

Wind/Brass Part(2nd one),_Giuseppe)

For Clarinet I,II in Bb: LaForzaClarinetBb

For Horns I,II, III, IV in F: LaForzaHornInF

For Trumpets I,II in Bb: LaForzaTrumpetInBb

For Trombones I,II,II and Tuba in Bass Clef: LaForzaTromboneTuba

Morton Gould: American Salute, 3(2+pic) 2+1, 3+1, 2/4331 piano, harp, 5min.

String Bowed Parts: AmericanSaluteBowed

Tchaikovsky: Symphony No.4, movement 4, 3222/4231 tmp+3, strings, 9min.

String Bowed Parts: TchaikovskyNo.4IVBowed

Trumpets I,II in Bb: Tchaikovsky4IVTrumpetsInBb,_Op.36_(Tchaikovsky,_Pyotr)