My name is Toru Tagawa, and I am the Artistic Director of the Sierra Vista Symphony Orchestra, Music Director of the Tucson Repertory Orchestra and Orchestra Director of the Canyon del Oro High School, and I am the President for the Arizona Chapter of American String Teachers Association. I am very much looking forward to conducting the Regional Festival in February, 2019.  For more about me, please go to


Instrumentation Maximum: 3242/4431/tmp + 4, hp, Strings

Newbold: American Landscape (2+1,2,2+1,2/2231/Tmp+4) 3min.

Bizet: Carmen Suite No.2, No. 11,  (2,2,2,2/4231/Tmp +4, Hp)5 min.

Danse Boheme:  bizet carmen suite no.2 danse boheme bowed

Richard Meyer: Millennium (2,2,2+2,2/2321/tmp/Tmp +4) 8 min.

Bizet: Minuet and Farandole from L’Arlesienne Suite No.2 (2222/4430/Tmp +3, Hp), 8 min.

l’arlessiene suite no.2 iii,iv bowed’Arl%C3%A9sienne_Suite_No.2_(Bizet%2C_Georges)

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