Famous Cellist, 有名なチェロ奏者

I met Mstislav Rostropovich at my first Orchestra rehearsal of the Kurashiki Junior Philharmony Orchestra when I was 9 years old. I had no idea how famous he was at the time (not until College when I became music performance major). I was a talkative child, so I was talking to my friend, and he suddenly told me to raise my hand, so I did. I was to do Rock, Paper, Scissors with another friend, and I won. The prize was, to give flowers to Mr. Rostopovich as a representative from the Orchestra. After I gave him the flowers, he gave me a kiss on my forehead, it was quite shocking for 9 year old Japanese boy. Well, it was the first ever Orchestra rehearsal in my life.

Great Romantic Cello Concertos in Full Score (Dover Music Scores)


ドヴォルザーク:チェロ協奏曲 サン=サーンス、ドヴォルジャーク、シューマン: ロマン派のチェロ協奏曲集/ドーヴァー社/大型スコア

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Orchestra Conductor, Teacher and Violinist Conductor of Sierra Vista Symphony Orchestra, Tucson Repertory Orchestra Foothills Phil and Canyon del Oro High School Orchestra

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