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July 4th, 7月4日

Happy 4th of July! For many years, American Orchestras perform the 1812 Overture by Tchaikovsky with fireworks to celebrate the 4th. This year, I don’t think we can see this happen anywhere. What does 1812 Overture have to with America? It is because of the use of the Canon in the piece. When I hearContinue reading “July 4th, 7月4日”


My wife, Laura and I celebrated our 18th Wedding Anniversary. We were both Orchestra Violinist with the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra at the time, and she thought she was marrying a violinist. Many years later, she became a wife of a conductor, and I am married to a Doctor of Music. We lived in three differentContinue reading “18”

Picture, 写真

Pictures capture memories. I am thankful that during my youth, my mom always took pictures wherever I was doing anything, concerts, recitals, sports day, arts day, etc. She sent me many of the pictures from the past last week which must have taken her a while to do. Here is one of them, since IContinue reading “Picture, 写真”


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