Concerts 2022-2023

September 19, 2022A School of Music, Grieg and Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto No2. with Dr. Fanya Lin, Tucson Repertory Orchestra.

October 29, 2022@7pm. Sierra Vista Symphony Orchestra’s Opening Concert. Klein Performing Arts Center at Buena High School, Sierra Vista, AZ. “Pastoral” Music by Mendelssohn, Tchaikovsky, Mozart and Beethoven. Guest soloist, Dr. Marissa Olegario, Assistant Professor of Bassoon, University of Arizona.

December 10, 2022@2:30pm. Foothills Phil Concert. Catalina Magnet High School.

December 29, 2022@6pm. Tucson Repertory Orchestra, Music of the Masters XIII. Music by Schubert, Mozart and Sibelius.

January, 7 2023@7pm. Sierra Vista Symphony Orchestra. Klein Performing Arts Center at Buena High School, Sierra Vista, AZ. “Birds” Music by Rossini, Vaughan-Williams, Smetana and Tchaikovsky. Guest soloist, Dr. Laura Tagawa on The Lark’s Ascending.

February 18, 2023@3pm. AMEA North Central Regional Concert. Camelback High School, Phoenix. Music by Verdi, Meyer and Tchaikovsky.

April 1, 2023@7pm. Sierra Vista Symphony Orchestra. Klein Performing Arts Center at Buena High School, Sierra Vista, AZ. “New World” Music by Perttu, Sibelius and Dvorak. Guest soloist, Mr. Steven Moeckel on the Sibelius Violin Concerto.

June 3, time TBD, Tucson Repertory Orchestra, Music of the Masters XIV. Featured soloist, Dr. Fanya Lin on Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto No.2. Details TBA.

June 8@6:30pm. Sierra Vista Veteran’s Park. Summer Pops Concert.


TRO and SVSO Concerts

Tucson Repertory Orchestra’s String Serenade will be on 12/29/21@7pm, String Serenade III. String Serenade by Elgar and Dvorak will be performed. 10 year old, Ayla Moreno will be serenading you with Hubay’s Scene de la Csarda. Guest conductor for Dvorak is Yudai Ueda.

Sierra Vista Symphony Orchestra’s Winter Concert will be on 1/15/22@pm. Danzon No.2 by Marquez, Appalachian Spring by Copland, Cinema Paradiso by Morricone and Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5 will be performed. For tickets:

Sierra Vista Symphony Orchestra

Sierra Vista Symphony Orchestra’s 1st performance of the season 2021-2022

Saturday, October 30@7pm
Toru Tagawa, Artistic Director and Conductor
Kyungsun Choi, Piano
Klein Center for the Performing Arts, Buena High School, Sierra Vista, AZ
Beethoven: Piano Concerto No.5 “Emperor”
Schubert: Unfinished Symphony
Mozart: Marriage of Figaro Overture
For tickets: go to Sierra Vista Symphony Orchestra

Sierra Vista Symphony Orchestra

Tucson Pops Orchestra, 9/12/21@7pm

I will be conducting the Tucson Pops Orchestra at the Reid Park, DeMeester Outdoor Performance Center. Free Concert at the park, bring your blankets or camping chairs, you can enjoy great music performed by the Tucson Pops Orchestra under the stars. For more info, go to Hope to see you there. Tucson Pops will be performing on Sep. 19th@7pm (Khris Dodge, Guest Conductor), and Sep. 26@7pm (Laszlo Veres, Conductor).

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Upcoming Concerts

4/17@3pm Arizona Time, Live Streaming: YouTube link AZ Daily Star Article: Concert Tickets:

6/5/21@3pm Arizona Time. Tucson Repertory Orchestra presents, String Serenade II. Vivaldi: Summer, Violin soloists: Emily Chao, Laura Tagawa, Jose Leonardi Moore and Tchaikovsky: Serenade for Strings

10/30@7pm Klein Performing Arts Center, Sierra Vista, AZ. Beethoven: Piano Concerto No.5, “Emperor”, Soloist: Kyungsun Choi. Schubert: Unfinished Symphony, Mozart: Marriage of Figaro Overture.

ゼロ Zero

永遠の0 アマゾンリンク
永遠の0 Blu-ray通常版

I just read this book, “The Eternal Zero” by Naoki Hyakuta. He used facts from the past and made the story line exciting. Japanese History, how people had to follow the orders from the higher ranks without their will, incorrect information. An emotional story.

The Eternal Zero
The Eternal Zero (Region A Blu-ray) (Uncut version) (English & Chinese Subtitled) Japanese Movie a.k.a. Eien no Zero 永遠の0

18 Weeks, 18 週間

My wife, my son and I (Tagawa Trio) started to play a tune a week by the Beatles on YouTube. With today’s video, we now have 18 videos. Today’s video is With a little help from my friends. Two weeks ago, my teaching started, and my fellow teachers have been helping me a lot. I am getting by with a little help from my friends during this new way of online teaching.
妻、息子と私トリオ(たがわトリオ)でビートルズの曲を一週間に一曲づつユーチューブに載せて言っています。今週で18本目です。今日はWith a little help from my friendsでした。2週間前から私は学校に戻り、新しいオンラインで教えるという新しいことを先生の友達の助けをかりて何とかやっています。

Jump Rope, 縄跳び

When I was in HS in Japan, as a part of requirement to pass the 11th grade, we were to pass the Jump Rope test. We have to pass on the following tasks (forward and backward): Double, Cris-Cross Double, Cross Double. It has been a while since I jump roped last, but I can still do forward double. Jump roping became after school activity for my son and I since last week.


Concert, コンサート

Tucson Repertory Orchestra’s (TRO) first concert was in July 2012. I had a wonderful time conducting while standing on a ladder. I started climbing up the conducting ladder since then. Hope to we can start performing again.