Upcoming Concerts

4/17@3pm Arizona Time, Live Streaming: YouTube linkhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kx11y8gYtYg AZ Daily Star Article: https://tucson.com/entertainment/caliente/tucson-classical-music-trio-to-perform-concert-for-saaca/article_a7917522-6f33-5da5-a9ef-e25177bb5cbf.html?fbclid=IwAR0_OdlQiYxQ9o4sgx6ZjzzqiyILmUI42p0CZg0_yW3UrjnXlpA4R_rE3NwFor Concert Tickets: https://saaca.thundertix.com/events/185034

6/5/21@3pm Arizona Time. Tucson Repertory Orchestra presents, String Serenade II. Vivaldi: Summer, Violin soloists: Emily Chao, Laura Tagawa, Jose Leonardi Moore and Tchaikovsky: Serenade for Strings tucsonrepertoryorchestra.org

10/30@7pm Klein Performing Arts Center, Sierra Vista, AZ. Beethoven: Piano Concerto No.5, “Emperor”, Soloist: Kyungsun Choi. Schubert: Unfinished Symphony, Mozart: Marriage of Figaro Overture. http://sierravistasymphony.org/

ゼロ Zero

永遠の0 アマゾンリンク
永遠の0 Blu-ray通常版

I just read this book, “The Eternal Zero” by Naoki Hyakuta. He used facts from the past and made the story line exciting. Japanese History, how people had to follow the orders from the higher ranks without their will, incorrect information. An emotional story.

The Eternal Zero
The Eternal Zero (Region A Blu-ray) (Uncut version) (English & Chinese Subtitled) Japanese Movie a.k.a. Eien no Zero 永遠の0

18 Weeks, 18 週間

My wife, my son and I (Tagawa Trio) started to play a tune a week by the Beatles on YouTube. With today’s video, we now have 18 videos. Today’s video is With a little help from my friends. Two weeks ago, my teaching started, and my fellow teachers have been helping me a lot. I am getting by with a little help from my friends during this new way of online teaching.
妻、息子と私トリオ(たがわトリオ)でビートルズの曲を一週間に一曲づつユーチューブに載せて言っています。今週で18本目です。今日はWith a little help from my friendsでした。2週間前から私は学校に戻り、新しいオンラインで教えるという新しいことを先生の友達の助けをかりて何とかやっています。

Jump Rope, 縄跳び

When I was in HS in Japan, as a part of requirement to pass the 11th grade, we were to pass the Jump Rope test. We have to pass on the following tasks (forward and backward): Double, Cris-Cross Double, Cross Double. It has been a while since I jump roped last, but I can still do forward double. Jump roping became after school activity for my son and I since last week.


Concert, コンサート

Tucson Repertory Orchestra’s (TRO) first concert was in July 2012. I had a wonderful time conducting while standing on a ladder. I started climbing up the conducting ladder since then. Hope to we can start performing again.

School, 学校

Today was the first day back to school. Teachers only, but it has been 5 months since I have been in the Orchestra room. Nice to be back, and I am looking forward to seeing students via Zoom starting next week.


First Dog, 初犬

My first pet was a dog. She was a puppy when she came to our house. Her name was Mary, and she lived until the month my family left Japan. Although we got her as a puppy, she escaped from our house, and when she came back to us, a month later, she was a big dog by then. As I am about to start teaching next week, and I have not seen my students for 5 months in person, next time I get to see them, they will be all grown up.


Smile, スマイル

How can you help a non-profit organization like Sierra Vista Symphony Orchestra by shopping? You can sign up to amazon smile at smile.amazon.com. 0.5% of your purchase will automatically go to the non-profit organization of you choice! Please sign up for amazon account first by clicking the amazon link below, then go to smile.amazon.com to support SVSO! This will make us smile!

アメリカではアマゾンで買い物をして非営利団体、私の指揮するシエラヴィスタ交響楽団に寄付をすることができます。上のアマゾンリンクからアマゾンの会員登録をし、smile.amazon.com からSierra Vista Symphony Orchestra を検索していただきそこから買いものをしていただくと0.5%がシエラヴィスタ交響楽団に寄付されます。できればどうぞよろしくお願い致します。(日本にはないと思います)。

4 Months, 4か月

My mom made masks for us in March, and sent it, and 4 months later, it’s finally here. We had no idea that it will take this long. My son’s mask has his favorite bullet train to ride, Shinkansen.