First Dog, 初犬

My first pet was a dog. She was a puppy when she came to our house. Her name was Mary, and she lived until the month my family left Japan. Although we got her as a puppy, she escaped from our house, and when she came back to us, a month later, she was a big dog by then. As I am about to start teaching next week, and I have not seen my students for 5 months in person, next time I get to see them, they will be all grown up.



Published by tagawatoru

Orchestra Conductor, Teacher and Violinist Conductor of Sierra Vista Symphony Orchestra, Tucson Repertory Orchestra Foothills Phil and Canyon del Oro High School Orchestra

2 thoughts on “First Dog, 初犬

  1. My son just got his 1st dog just a few weeks ago. Her name is Bella and she’s 10 years old. Her original owner couldn’t take care of her any more. Bella is very sweet and doesn’t even need a leash to walk her; she stays by your side💕


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